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Press Release



Press Release

E-Commerce: Revolutionizing The Way We Do Business

It was in the name of commerce that the Spanish, represented by Magellan, searched for the Spice Islands and "stumbled" upon the Philippine Islands. There is also evidence that a local trade system already existed among our ancestors long before the dawn of Spanish colonization.

These days, it no longer takes a ship, days of navigation, or the financial support of a king to connect our business to the global market. With just a click on a computer mouse, we can search for our own "Spice Island" and barter electronically.

According to a study conducted by Taylor Nelson Sofres, 47% of the United States' total population are Internet users, 27% of this represents users who shop online. In the Philippines, only about 10% of our total population represents Internet users, 2% of which represents online shoppers. These numbers, however small compared to the U.S., show that the Internet will become more publicly accessible to us. Philippine businesses are currently targeting existing online shoppers as the numbers of Internet users grow in the country.

The Internet has become the most attractive solution as an alternative and low-cost "commerce channel." It presents businesses, small and large, with tremendous opportunity to create new revenue streams. Companies and organizations will be able to do business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – with no physical boundary or geographical limitation.

The Concept of E-Commerce

E-commerce is not just online retailing that accommodates online consumer shopping, buying, and payment activities. It is about maximizing network technologies to improve business processes with other businesses (B2B market) or directly with end consumers (B2C market) online.

E-commerce merchants utilize online marketing and merchandising techniques to attract, retain, and create profiles of their online customers, as well as to promote more customized products and services on the internet.

Benefits from E-Commerce

To Entrepreneurs

  • Makes the size of a company immaterial
    With e-commerce, large and small companies have the same opportunity to access customers and can have the same kind of Internet presence.
  • Makes the company location irrelevant
    Customers located anywhere can easily access your company's site. You are not limited to customers within/near your geographic area.
  • Increases feedback
    You have instant access to your customer responses and feedback when you publish new marketing and pricing programs and new products on your web site.

To Business Partners

  • Online shopping provides business partners with ready access to the information.
  • When provided with online access to information, business partners can answer customers' questions more quickly, resulting in fewer errors, lower costs, and higher satisfaction.

To Consumers

  • Online shopping has 24-hour availability.
  • Online shopping can be done from work, home, or friend's PC–no travelling required!
  • Because you can shop within the comforts of home at any time of the day, a lot of time can be saved for other activities.
  • E-commerce offers the luxury of shopping with privacy.
  • Because E-commerce incurs lower cost to businesses and companies, consumers can expect lower prices than traditional channels.
  • Consumers can have more informed purchase decisions. Online shopping offers a lot of information about products and services.
  • Online shopping offers greater product selection. E-commerce is not hindered or limited by geographical location of various companies or businesses.
  • With online shopping, consumers can avoid annoying salespeople.


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E-Commerce and Web Philippines, Inc.

As enhanced web-based technologies continue to develop our experience on the Internet in a variety of ways, Web Philippines Inc. consistently renews its commitment to value by showing e-commerce as not just an online retailing medium that accommodates online consumer shopping, buying and payment activities. We show our clients how to harness the potential of e-commerce through business collaboration and network technologies development to improve business processes with other businesses (B2B market) or directly with end consumers (B2C market) online.

Our goal is to assist our clients in managing customer relationships. After all, what better instrument to use in tracking actual sales of products and services but the Internet, with its remarkable intertwined threads? For marketing, we demonstrate to our clients how to use the Internet to maximize advertising, thereby, reaching more audience. By utilizing online marketing and merchandising techniques, we show our e-commerce merchants and advertisers how to integrate design and back-end applications to attract, retain, and create profiles of their online registered customers as well as promote more customized products and services on the internet.

Web Philippines, Inc. facilitates businesses in the local and global market scene to be unlimited by physical boundaries such as geographical locations, time, and redundant information. Our value added services include using the Internet as a tool to increase the speed of response to customers and to shorten the time-to-market and product life cycle, and maximization of their electronic customer-based knowledge and business intelligence, thereby improving and providing better customer relationship and streamlining their business processes.
Web Philippines Inc. offers integrated e-commerce solutions for our clients' high return on investment and low total cost of ownership. Our e-commerce solutions, in time, have come to reflect various e-commerce and e-business models, and rich, easy-to-use, integrated features and functions for complete business process transformation and integration in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer architecture.

Contact us at info@webphilippines.com to know more about us and our services.



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