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COMDDAP Expo 2002
October 13, 2002

Over 10, 000 visitors flocked to the Computer Manufacturers, Distributors and Dealers Association of the Philippines (COMMDAP) Expo 2002 last October 10-12 at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel.

COMDDAP is a yearly trade show that features a mix of local and foreign players in the computer industry. This year's expo adapted the theme, "Technology, People and Solutions."

The expo was participated in by: Banbros Commercial, Inc., Binondo Media Publication, Brother International Philippines Corp., Canon Marketing (Phils), Inc., Computer Times Publishing, Inc., Computer Network Systems, Datacom System Corporation, Eastern Telecommunications Phils., Inc., Electroworld, Entrepreneur Philippines, Exact Software Philippines, Inc., Faire International Trader, First Datacorp, Fujitsu Philippines, Inc., Genetic Computer Institute, Goldtech International Distributors, Inc., Hypertech Corporation, iAcademy, Imatech Corporation, JTJi Digital Video & Radio, Leadtech System, Inc., LG Electronics Manila, Inc., Mapua Information Technology Center, Microdata Systems & Management, Inc., Microsoft Business Solutions, MSI Digiland (Phils), Inc., Network Essentials Corporation, Nexus Technologies, Inc ., PC Trends, Inc., Photokina Marketing Corporation, Psicom Publishing, Inc., Sony Philippines, Inc., The Manila Bulletin, Tricom Dynamics , Inc., Trinity Marketing, Inc., Web Philippines, Inc., Wordtext Systems, Inc., WS Pacific Publications, Inc., WS Computer Publishing Corporation and Yehey.com.

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