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Job Hunting on the net
by Annalyn S. Jusay
Manila Bulletin, April 2, 1998

Graduates of batch '98 who will officially leave the hallowed halls of the academe and join the working world, can pick out a tip a or two at http://www.trabaho.com. Trabaho.com is a web site on its second year of posting job vacancies for both fresh graduates and seasoned professionals shopping around for their dream job. During its first year of operation, the site has published more than 18,000 openings in over 300 reputable companies such as Motorola, Andersen Consulting, Intel and Globe Telecoms.

"The objective of Trabaho.com is to be a cost effective medium which links the job seeker with corresponding job openings. The success of this idea can be attributed to the fact that more and more people are getting on the Internet which is one of the fastest and most affordable means of information transfer," explains Ramon Canumay, Web Phils. president.

Trabaho.com also offers free access to articles from human resources managers which cover topics such as preparing a resume, planning for interviews, and key recruitment and employment issues. This month, greenhorns going for their first job interview could very well consider some tips from Maissa Virtusio, a former recruitment and career management supervisor of a reputable automobile company who is currently the personnel officer for Claret School, Quezon City.

Virtusio reveals some important interview pointers that she has culled over many years of research and industry experience:

  • A job interview is simply a screening process wherein the company learns more about you and vice-versa. During these 20 or 30 minutes, the employer makes significant decision about your capabilities and personality.
  • The eight factors that can make first impression last are: alertness, articulateness, compatibility, enthusiasm, maturity, motivation , personality, preparation;
  • Remember the male interviewers take your whole work look without focusing on details. Females, on the other hand, are more likely to notice the little details that would indicate your being a pro or not;
  • Try to dress as you would on the job;
  • Enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm. Isn't it logical to think that an enthusiastic, energetic applicant would make a good employee?
  • Walk in and shake hands warmly;
  • Take the nearest seat to the interviewer;
  • Avoid habits that manifest nervousness like scratching, biting or picking at your nails or fidgeting with hair or cloth;
  • Be polite but don't be timid either;
  • In sitting down, sit upright and don't slouch;
  • In speaking, establish eye contact with the interviewer, don't look down or mumble because the interviewer might think that you are insecure, nervous, and don't know what you are talking about.


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