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Laughter on the Net
September 13, 1998

Trade, commerce, news and research - these are the more serious uses of the Internet. But for those who much rather kick back, relax and surf for fun, cyberspace also has a lot of laughter and entertainment in store.

One such site which aims to entertain the web-surfing community is http://www.komiks.com which features an archive of classic comic strips drawn by professional cartoonists. "We want to provide local cartoonists with an ‘electronic gallery'." At this point in time, we all know that cartooning is not a very lucrative profession. In fact, a lot of talented local artists have to hold several jobs to make ends meet. "Komiks.com tries to provide these artists with a venue for greater exposure," said Ramon Canumay, president of Web Philippines, Inc., the company that maintains the site which was opened last April.

The objective of the site, though rather ambitious, is really quite simple. It attempts to link together an individual or company, which has drawing requirements, with the top cartoonists in the country.

"We believe that there are lots of companies out there which need the services of artists and cartoonists but do not know how to get in touch with them. When they visit  komiks.com, they will see top-caliber sample works and will be able to contact the cartoonist of their choice via e-mail coursed through Web Philippine," Canumay explained.

Komiks.com also maintains a list of the profiles, past achievements and awards received by ‘almost 40 professional cartoonists. Among them are top editorial illustrators such as the Manila Bulletin's Norman Isaac, Philippine Daily Inquirer's  Jess Abrera, Manila Chronicle's Jose Noel Avendano, and others.

Aside from showcasing the works and profiles of professionals, a portion of the site is dedicated to budding cartoonists who are polishing their talents with their respective school organs. Currently, strips form the University of Santo Tomas' Varsitarian and the LaSallian Spoofs from De La Salle University.

To be able to effectively help the cartooning industry, komiks.com should not only be  concerned about the present crop of artists. We are also providing exposure for future artists," revealed Canumay.

"For collegiate cartoonists, having their works appear over the Internet is a real pressure. But this kind of pressure is the positive kind. The kind that makes them do their best and stretch their imagination to the fullest. What goes through their minds every time they pick up a pen is, ‘I can't just  come up



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