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MosCom joins E-Services Philippines Expo
June 27, 2001

Mosaic Communications, Inc. (MosCom), the country's premier ISP and countrywide enterprise enabler, is joining the E-Services Philippines expo from June 28-30 at the Philippine Trade Training Center, in support of the country's thrust to provide e-services to the world.

E-Services Philippines is an IT outsourcing exhibit that will showcase the country's most valuable IT resource: its highly skilled, hardworking, English speaking knowledge workers. The expo is organized by the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM), an attached agency of the Department of Trade and Industry.

"Knowledge work is an intellectual activity performed by professionals to discover business options," according to Dr. William Torres, MosCom president.

E-services is the next big thing in ICT and the Internet and the best way to bring revenue to a country like the Philippines, Dr. Torres opined. MosCom's own points of presence, numbering over 70 in major cities and provinces, are capable of outsourcing services to other countries and helping their clients market the latter's on services through MosCom.

MosCom is putting up its own booth at the center of the expo's exhibit. It is the exhibit's official Internet services provider.

Missions from California; Osaka, Japan; Singapore, Malaysia and Korea as well as groups from Switzerland, Germany and Finland are expected to attend the event. Over 100 IT and IT-enabled local firms will also join the exhibit.

Among the e-services on show at the expo are: web development and management, database design and management, application systems development, IT project management, computer networking and data communications, call centers, ICP operations management, animation and content creation, remote education, medical transcription, ASP services and revenues accounting.

MosCom is the first commercial Internet service provider in the Philippines. Its dedication to infrastructure development and development of web-powered services e-nables Filipino enterprises to achieve global competitiveness and success.


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