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MosCom gives Internet access to Windows Expo 98
, July 10, 1998

MosCom Internet joins Microsoft's launch of its new Windows 98 operating system software on July 10 to 12 as the Official Internet Provider of Windows Expo 98 at the SM Megamall's Mega Trade Hall. As a Gold Sponsor, Mosaic Communications will provide the Expo's Internet connection through a 128-Kbps leased line form Globe Telecoms. This will enable all exhibitors and participants in the weekend show to surf the Internet at a very fast speed just as if they were standard MosCom subscribers.

To maximize every participant's access to the Internet, MosCom is setting up a cyberbooth in cooperation with Web Philippines. Both co-exhibitors will provide a number of high-speed Internet workstations where visitors to the Expo can surf the Net for free. Web Philippines is an Internet Content Provider that specializes in Filipino-centered special-purpose websites on the World Wide Web.

Internet Subscription Promo
Going hand-in-hand with Windows 98's built-in Internet functionality, MosCom provides a special promo package to enable Windows afficionados to acquire inexpensive Internet access. A new subscriber who registers for a MosNet account at the Expo won't have to pay the one-time setup fee worth P750.00 plus 10% VAT—a giveaway worth P825.00! All a new subscriber has to pay is the first month's subscription fee plus the value-added tax. This special offer is available only at the MosCom Internet booth for the duration of the Expo.

MosNet IP Accounts
MosCom's Individual Accounts (also called Remote IP Subscription Plans) are designed for one or more individual users to access the Internet by paying for a specified number of free hours. These individual accounts can be flexibly used for personal or corporate use, as well as by groups of people through sub-accounts under the Grouped Individual Accounts (GIA) scheme. Family members and office work groups get more value from GIA plans because they can maximize the free hours in a plan while consolidating the payment under the primary user.

Grouped accounts consist of the primary account which pays the bills and a varied number of sub-accounts sharing the plan's free hours with the primary account; each sub-account has its own e-mail address, 2MB of mail storage space, and 3MB file of storage space on MosCom's servers.

If the user or users consume more than the number of free hours in the plan, the additional charge is computed on a per second basis at either P1.00 per minute for small accounts or P0.75 per minute for the larger accounts.


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