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On-Line Job Hunting
Manila Bulletin, August 10, 1997

With the Internet evolving into a versatile mass reach communications tool, cyberspace has become a melting pot for students doing research, companies advertising their product line, consumers looking for a good buy and, in recent years, even tyros and experts hunting for a job vacancy in their chosen fields.

Fresh graduates and seasoned professionals shopping around for their dream job might very well find it in http://www.trabaho.com, a one-year-old web site which currently lists the job vacancies and contract information for top Filipino and multinational companies such as Motorola, Andersen Consulting, Intel and Globe Telecoms.

Since opening in August of last year, trabaho.com, which is owned and administrative by Web Philippines, has helped numerous applicants and has published more than 18, 000 job vacancies for over 30 companies.

"The objective of Trabaho.com is to be a cost effective medium which links the job seekers with corresponding job openings.  The success of this idea can be attributed to the fact that more and more people are getting on the Internet. Also, with the low rates provided by ISPs (Internet Service Providers) right now, the Internet is already considered as one of the fastest and most affordable ways of information transfer, " explains Ramon Canumay, Web Phils. president.

General DataComm is upgrading the RCPI-Bayantel's (Radio Communication of the Philippines, Inc.) network with its TMS3000 and OCM networking products.  RCPI-BayanTel Selected General DataComm's equipment to improve the resiliency and scalability of its 80-node network.

RCPI is part of the BayanTel Group of companies.  This group, one of the largest domestic telecommunications companies in the Philippines, operates a digital data and voice network that manages many types of communication under one system. Under a long standing relationship with networking equipment distributor Adtel, RCPI has decided to install additional nodes throughout the Philippines to create  a more scaleable network.

"In the Philippines it's a territorial challenge to maintain wide-area networks, "  said Reggie Casas, general manger of Adtel.  "Because many RCPI sites are on small islands that need digital services, it's necessary to deploy resilient equipment such as DataComm's TMS3000 multilexerrs to form a robust digital backbone."

RCPI's upgrade includes installing TMS3000s connected to General DataComms Office Communication Manager (OCM).  RCPI will be able to use the OCM as a Digital Access and Cross-connected grooming shelf and increase the total number of nodes in the According to Adtel, RCPI selected General DataComms equipment for its reliability.

"Telecom companies depend on absolute reliability,"  said Reggie Casas."and that is what they get with the TMS3000 and OCM2000 upgrade.  Along with digital leased-line services, General DataComm offers good voice compression techniques which will let RCPI send high-quality voice signals point-to-point using Codebook Excited Linear Predictive compression cards."

These compression cards, known as CELP, use sampling and prediction to reduce the bandwidth being used to transmit digital voice and fax signals. As a result, this  card can compress voice/fax signals from 9.6 to 6.4 and 4.8 Kbps. General DataComm's TMS3000

system connected to the OCM provides RCPI with central network management capabilities.  According to RCPI, this maximized the control from its central site in Manila over remote locations throughout the Philippines.

General DataComm's TMS3000 are installed at several central sites and connect to other TMS3000 network modes to form the backbone network.  The product integrates multiple services and can accommodate a changing mix of applications including image and video along with traditional voice and data traffic.  The TMS3000 is designed for simple network upgrades so future additions to a network can be accommodated.

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