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PSE links in cyberspace
by Freddie B. Reyes
Business World, October 21, 1997

Last week, I wrote about the website of the Philippine Stock Exchange that is open to any interested individual. However long you and I might have been waiting to have such a site available, others have produced and have actually been running websites that cater to the needs of Philippine Stock market investors.

One is run by Roger Chua of Web Philippines, Inc. Their site is, appropriately enough, called phisix.com and is found in www.phisix.com. Their site contains several pages. The pages contain a history of the IPOs, list of public companies member of the PSE and links. However, only the pages on the list of listed firms, the list of member firms of the PSE, and the links to other sites work. The others do not yet point anywhere. One the most helpful and most useful, however, is the page of links. In this page, Web Philippines lists the companies that have their commentaries and analysis available on the Net. Their webmaster even has included opinions on the usefulness of each site with which they have a link. Companies such as Asian Capital Equities and BPI Capital Research group update their site either on the same day or the next day. Angping and Belson Securities, however, have stopped updating their page or do it sporadically. All Asia's page also has a link, but it is currently under development and most of its links are empty.

The webmaster also rates certain sites to visit only if you have time.

The value of such a site is that you can make a bookmark of their site and just click on the link that will take you to the other websites. There will be no need to have a list of websites that you keep on having to type-in in order to visit. Just load the site of phisix.com and jump to the other pages from there. Incidentally, Web Philippines also has a number of other interesting sites for you to look into. These are: www.trabaho.com, www.iskolar.com, www.sentro.com, www.kasal.com, www.komiks.com, www.tindahan.com and www.kalendaryo.com

Another page that contains links to the Philippine stock market is found on the website: http://super.zippo.com/~twilight/psm.htm. They contain links to other sites, but without the comments that the webmaster attaches. A lot of this is also similar to the links found in Web Philippines, Inc.

But probably the most important site to be seen will be that of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Aside from the wealth of information available with the click of a personal computer, it would also be of a great convenience to have all the data in an electronic format. Public companies do have to file voluminous amounts of material and unfortunately, it is not yet readily available. Those who regularly go to the SEC to request for certain data can attest to the difficulty of requesting for data.


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