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Virtual Hunt, Real Jobs
by Joy M. Cabrillos
Manila Times, April 4, 1998

Looking for a new job or career change? The Internet can once again come into play. Aside from browsing through the classified ads sections of newspaper or checking out individual companies, you can now look for that dream job while surfing the Net.

Trabaho.com (www.trabaho.com), a site developed by Filipinos, might just give you the information you need. It is maintained by Web Philippines, Inc. (WPI), a startup firm that develops content-driven Web sites. The site has been online since August of lastyear. Since that time, WPI business development group member Roger Chua said they have been getting favorable feedback from job hunters here and abroad. Aside from people in the country looking for new jobs, the sites has also been visited by Filipinos abroad who want to work back home. For instance, there are Filipino OCWs in Saudi Arabia who send Trabaho.com their resumes with a request to forward them to five companies here in Manila.

Local jobs only

Trabaho.com is exclusively devoted to posting jobs that are available locally. Chua said they don't want to contribute to the country's "brain drain" problem by advertising jobs available abroad.

Ramon Canumay, WPI's business development manager said, at any given time, they have around 100 to 120 job postings on their site. Every week, Canumay said they add around 30 to 50 new job postings.

Some of their major clients are Andersen Consulting, Intel, Motorola and Globe. The company, however, has been unable to monitor the number of persons who actually found jobs through Trabaho.com.

Most of the job openings on the site are focused on the fields of information technology, engineering and managerial and administrative work.

A company that advertises its job openings on the site will also have the opportunity to have those ads get to the hands of students. Canumay said they forward hard copies of their job listings to schools all over Metro Manila. Soon, they intend to distribute the list to schools all over the country.

Submit your resume

Chua claims their sites, which has a total of 30 pages, is accessed at a rate of 70,000 pages per month. He added that they average 270,000 to 300,000 "hits" on a monthly basis.

The site will soon also implement a resume submission system that will allow WPI to store the resumes submitted to them in a database.

Within the next new couples of years, WPI expects to provide even better service to their users. In fact, with the improvements in Internet technology like Microsoft's Active X, WPI believes that they will be able to help their users create interactive resumes sooner than they expect.


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